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At Change a life Bwindi, we run a special Bakiga / kiga community experience, where guests can visit one of the local villages’ home to get a flavor for their daily life in Bwindi community area.

During your visit, you expect to learn how traditional houses are built, cattle keeping, organic farming, preparing local meals, local medicine and or even learn some basics in Rukiga language.

During such visits 40% of the tour profits go directly to the host families and 60% goes to our project for a variety or our community project.

Suggested Donations

By donating you support someone in our community to access basic needs and services which 85% of families in the community can not afford without support.

$100: Can facilitate kids’ creative art project for 6 months.

$100: To facilitate the kid’s creative art tutor/trainer per month.

$10: Can help one mother in the community to learn a new skill such as tailoring.

$15: Can facilitate buying of a bee hive for men’s honey harvesting.

$700: Can help a child acquire education in a boarding school for a full year.

We also appreciate any support such as volunteering and contribution of children’s playing toys, clothes, Sanitary towels, balls, shoes and scholastic materials.

Shop in the Gift shop

Visit our gift shop to see a variate of elegant handmade products such as baskets, mats, cups, bracelets etc.